ALF Accountability


What I do: I facilitate and hold space for current and incoming kiddos at ALC Oahu. I dance and sing and play.  I meditate and ground. I nourish partnership with @ninablanco.

Juicy Juice: I get excited knowing that we are on the brink of changing the world of education. I get excited knowing that the work I am doing is about the WHOLE me and helping guide kids to the WHOLE them. I get excited watching kids see that they are learning by doing. I get excited by being in the community and building connections to people and places that we can work and play with. I get excited knowing that I get to play and enjoy many fun activities with our kids on the daily! I get excited knowing I’m building meaningful relationships with others.


-to see @alcoahu grow and flourish with happy kids, facilitators and families.

-to continue mindful practices and partnerships

-to grow out of “teacher-ness” and into “bad-ass Facilitator-ness”

-to make more and more connections with the community and the world at large


-continue to build and grow with @dyson, @sophialoves808, @adrianna and @ninablanco

-continue to promote and participate in building ALC Oahu

-spend time being mindful of what I need to work on as a facilitator/human being

-stay in contact and ask for support from the ALC Network and more experienced facilitators

-stay in the moment and take really good care of myself so I can be my best in holding space for the kids/@ninablanco





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