Reflections on 2015 and Dreams for 2016

2015 has been a wild ride! here are some of my reflections on my experiences of the past year!

-I quit my teaching job to become an ALF! And I LOVE it!

-I found out that I’m quite brave.

-I met some of the coolest people on the planet in North Carolina at ALF Summer!

-I’ve learned ever so much about loving others and myself.

-I’ve been in the practice of meditating more and detaching myself from expectations/outcomes.

-I met the most supportive and collaborative partner in ALF, @ninablanco

-I played, sang, danced, laughed, cried, explored, napped, homeworked, and enjoyed three amazing kiddos @dyson @adrianna @sophialoves808.

-I learned to have FAITH and TRUST in myself and my universe

-I’ve grown from my challenges


My dreams for 2016 are:

-to continue down a path of spiritual growth

-continued FAITH and TRUST in my chosen path

-be an awesome ALF and partner in building ALC Oahu with @ninablanco

-feel at ease in my personal pursuits

-feel assured that I have everything I need

-continued bravery and courageousness

-have more awesome kiddos to play and have fun with at ALC Oahu

-have cool ALFs to work with here in Hawaii

-travel to NYC to visit @abbyo and @ryanshollenberger

-live in deep gratitude




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