photo bloggy of stuff that’s been going on in January



Nina and Dyson playing a cool game for which I did not get an explanation for but it looks cool!



‘Wild Bill’, my friend’s kid, with an armchair sham on his head… straight up looking cute!


Playing Forbidden Island with the ALC Oahu crew! IMG_1043

Stephanie visited and gave us some love!


At the Waikiki Aquarium.. if you look closely you will find some very cute sea horses!


@drew arrived on Oahu…  This is his first day with us having fun in the sun!IMG_1088

My little buddy Paco, having a little nap in my backyard!


A cleaning job that has made me feel incompetent :/ IMG_1093

Winter on Oahu… We sled on grass not snow!


All in all a productive and fun filled time with ALC Oahu and beyond! Lots of learning and love to start out 2016 and I couldn’t be more grateful…

Thanks @ninablanco, @dyson, @adrianna, @drew for making life fun and FUN and WELCOME to Seamus, our newest ALC Oahu kiddo!

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